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Scroll down to meet the Forget Me Not Ministries team, or click on the buttons below to jump to our team in Romania or our team in the USA: 

FMN Team in Romania FMN Team in America

FMN Team in Romania


Rachel Ross - Founding Director

Rachel is the Founding Director of FMN Ministries and serves on location in Romania.

Rachel oversees FMN projects and programs as well as guides and plans for our future and where God may lead.

Rachel also leads the FMN women's bible fellowship, providing weekly bible study, encouragement and prayer opportunities for the mom's and grandma's in FMN's programs. 

Rachel is grateful to the amazing team both in Romania and America that God has orchestrated that allow for FMN to truly educate, equip, and embrace the roma for christ.

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Dave Truss - Operations Managerdave

Dave is our Operations Manager, and has been serving with Forget Me Not Ministries since 2008.

Dave joins us from Hythe, England and manages and co-ordinates the many programs, projects, staff, and volunteers that FMN Ministries has running.

Dave does a wonderful job of equipping both our staff and volunteers to give their best for Christ in each one of their roles with FMN Ministries.

Dave leads the FMN men's bible fellowship, providing weekly bible study, encouragement and prayer opportunities for the dad's and grandad's in FMN's programs.

We are grateful that God prompted Dave’s heart to serve with FMN.

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Rodica Holhos - Cookrodica

Rodica is our amazing cook that keeps the children and all of our teams fed well. Rodica also helps out with the children daily in the afternoon.

She is in charge of all of our canning and processing of our orchard and garden, which is a huge help to all of the families and provides food for the children of FMN. 

Rodica greets every child with a smile and a hug, and is a huge part of creating the loving atmosphere that is vital to our refuge programs.

Rodica is a treasured part of Forget Me Not Ministries.

Mariana Avram - Domestic Supervisormariana

Mariana does a great job of keeping FMN spic and span!

She works hard to keep up with all the children, the laundry, helping the children at bath time, cleaning the center and Katartizo, and still makes time to teach the children their responsibilities in cleaning as well.

Mariana works hard to get Katartizo prepared for each team that comes to stay, and makes sure their stay is comfortable is clean. We are thankful for Mariana.






Dya Holhos - Joy Beadz Assistant

Dya is a recent high school graduate and joined the FMN team this year as our Joy Beadz Assistant.


Dya prepares all materials and supplies for our Joy Beadz; paper bead jewelry micro business; allowing the roma ladies to earn a living for their families.


Dya is involved with the paper cutting, lacquering process and many other areas of the joy beadz program.






Anisoara Zah - Center Manageranisoara 2017

Anisoara is our newest employee, as Center Manager she co-ordinates the day to day running of the activities and programs with the children who come daily to the Isaiah Center.


She does an amazing job of communicating with staff, organising lesson plans, daily activities, and everything else that is needed to provide a place of refuge and love for the Roma children that come to the Isaiah Center.


The children and their families love Anisoara and she has quickly integrated into the FMN family in Romania.


We are so thankful for all she does to ensure love and acceptance are shown to the families we are involved with.


Mona Nagy - Seeds of Hope Co-Ordinator

Ramona is our Seeds of Hope coordinator, working both with the children’s life center programs as well as with the teen parents who have fallen victim to child marriages within the Roma community.
Ramona is a pharmacist as well and helps to provide medical advice and service to the families, as they are often rejected proper care.
The children love Ramona and we are thankful that she is part of our team and willing to love and uplift the Roma families and children.
Ramona is leading the girls Bible study for Seeds of Hope as well and encouraging the ladies on their walk to discovering a true relationship with Christ.

Mariana Iova - Psycho-Pedagoguemariana iova

Mariana has taken on a very special role, as primary care giver to our boy Alex who has Down’s Syndrome.


Alex was one of the first children Rachel worked with in the hospital, and he is precious to the whole FMN team. He requires extra one to one care and attention, to take care of his day to day needs, and also to help him develop for the future.


Mariana entered this role with a degree in Psychopedagogy and many years of experience working with people with disabilities. Using this experience she takes care of Alex and has implemented many strategies and additions to his daily program with us, that have helped accelerate his development hugely in just a few months. He bonded with Mariana from the first moment she joined the team, and already hates when she has to take vacation breaks from work.


As well as working with Alex she has developed relationships with all the children who come daily to the Center, and helps the rest of our team of staff whenever needed.


We are so blessed to have Mariana on our team.

FMN Team in America

Sue Linn Ross - Vice Presidentsue-linn 

Sue Linn is FMN’s Vice President and coordinates all events and programs on the american side.

We are incredibly grateful for Sue Linn as there is much facilitation needed between the American and Romanian side to make each project as successful as it can be. She commits many hours to this important role, as well as annual visits to Romania. 

Sue Linn runs our online store, fundraising events (such as FMN’s annual benefit and silent auction).

She is our main contact person in america, and is a crucial link between FMN's sponsors and the children they sponsor.




Get in Touch with Sue Linn: a

Sara Gulley - Treasurersara

Sara Gulley is our treasurer and financial link between the work in romania and the work in america.

Sara keeps each project within it's respective budget and allows each donor to have records and accounts of their blessings and donations.

Sara is a vital part of keeping track of FMN's monthly runnings, sponsorships, and donations.

We very thankful for Sara, she has served FMN since the beginning in 2006. She has devoted many hours weekly to keeping our finances well organised, as well as bi-annual visits to Romania.







Erin Perry - Teams and Visitors Coordinatorerin

Erin is our Team and Visitors Coordinator from Alberta, Canada. She is the essential link in making sure teams and visitors have the information they need to have a successful trip.

Erin came alongside of Rachel at the start of FMN Ministries on the Romanian side, and served by helping to begin the work and take in the initial children that formed FMN’s programs.

She continues to make annual visits full of brain storming, encouragement and blessings.