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What is the Eden Project?

The Eden Project is our agricultural program that provides a plot of land, complete with irrigation and seeds/plants for every family in the Isaiah Center and Seeds of Hope Programs. After training and agricultural teaching; the responsibility for the upkeep, maintenance and weeding of these plots is handed onto the families for their individual plots.
Food is a huge need for all the Roma (Gypsy) families in FMN's programs due to the poverty and lack of work opportunities that they endure; the goal and vision of this project is to provide a way for these families to not only learn the skills they need to be able to grow vegetables for themselves, but also providing a plot of land and the tools/materials needed with which to do that. When there is a surplus of food on their plots the families are encouraged to sell the remaining crops which can provide a small source of income too. 

How can I be involved? 

We always need donations of gardening tools (shovels, forks, etc.) and seeds to help run and maintain this project. If you are able to help with sending such donations, please click on the button below to be taken to our current needs page which describes how to send donations such as gardening tools and seeds.
Scroll down to see pictures and videos of the Eden Project in action.

How to Send Donations