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Current Needs


Child sponsors

You can be a part of impacting a generation for Christ and raising living conditions of a Roma (Gypsy) child…giving them a chance at education, warm meals, daily care at The Isaiah Center, daily showers, clean clothes, shoes, medical care, daily Bible lessons, and the stability of loving care givers. For $30 per month, you will provide all of this and more for one special child, and receive letters and pictures keeping you up-to-date on your child’s development. Read more

Family assistance

With a goal of breaking the cycle of abandonment that many Roma find themselves entrapped in, you can provide $30 worth of food baskets each month to help alleviate some of the issues of hunger that daunt many families. Read more

Work program

With an unemployment rate of 90%, the Roma (Gypsies) are in dire need of jobs. They are caught in a destructive cycle and are longing to break free. They live as outcasts, suffer prejudice hatred, majority not attending school, so many can not read or write and have no skills for jobs in Romania. Within our work program, we create jobs around our property to help teach work ethics, give opportunities to allow the men to provide for their families, restoring hope and pride. For each full day of work, a man or woman can receive 50 Lei (currently $15 – a Romanian rate). You can provide one job per month, two, three, or however many you desire. You will receive updates regarding the different jobs that you supported. Read more

Prayer partners

“We will accomplish little of eternal significance apart from prayer!” As we are working to educate, equip, and embrace the Roma for Christ, we come against many obstacles that stand in our way. We rely heavily on the prayers of those willing to lift our team, the children, families, and the Roma (Gypsy) community up each week. Would you be willing to take 5 minutes a day to pray for God’s hand over the work, children, and families of FMN Ministries? Read more

Or you can click on the buttons below to download our Prayer Calendar to help inspire you as your pray:

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Financial partners

Monthly donors and one-time donations are always welcomed and needed. Your support helps us to reach and rescue more children and families each year. Read more

Donations Needed: 

   * Baby and children’s clothes (sizes newborn to 12 year olds)

   * Scrapbook paper (for our Joy Beadz program)

   * Tools (from screwdrivers to post hole diggers)

   * Diapers (for our Seeds of Hope program)

   * Baby wipes

   * Long black skirts (sizes 2 – 18)

   * Tennis shoes (babies, children’s, and smaller adult sizes)

   * Blankets

How to Ship Donations

At this point you may be wondering how it is possible to ship over the items listed above; we currently recommend a great shipping service (Best Trans Ro) with wonderful rates to Romania (generally over 80% cheaper than other commercial services).

The process for shipping with Best Trans is very simple and straight forward and you can drop off your amazing donations to one of the many offices and drop off locations across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Click the link below (opens new window) for the Best Trans website, with a map of the drop off locations in the USA. You may click on the various depot locations listed for a phone number which you can use to arrange a drop off of your donations.

If you are wishing to ship from the UK, click on the button in the top right 'Centre de Colectare' and click on 'United Kingdom' for a map of drop off locations in that region. 

Thank you for your kind and generous donations that enable us to achieve our goal of educating, equipping and educating the Roma for Christ!

 Best Trans Website

For more information on the shipping process or the items FMN needs please contact Rachel Ross via:
a fb twitter