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When you sponsor a child or program with Forget Me Not Ministries you can rest assured that 100% of your gift is going towards the designated area. Without sponsors like you we would not be able to provide a refuge for children, jobs for the Roma and a safe place to learn about Christ's love. You are vital to their future!

Thank you for being the voice for the voiceless. Please look below to learn more clearly the impact that your sponsorship makes: 


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information Donation Methods

There are two main ways that you can pay for the sponsorship or donations that you wish to make. FMN uses Just Give and Paypal for accepting and facilitating payments:


We use PayPal to process payments for all of the sponsorship and donation forms that you will find across our website. When you click on the Donate button on various forms, you will be taken to a customised PayPal checkout to complete your payment.

You can either pay with your PayPal account for your convenience if you already have one, or you can complete the payment using any credit card (a free paypal account is needed for monthly sponsorships due to the nature of this kind of service). Through both methods you will receive a tax receipt and email confirmations of your payment. Through your PayPal account you will be able to access, edit and cancel the recurring sponsorship that you have setup. 

Just Give

You can click on the Just Give button wherever you see it on our website to be taken to a customised Just Give checkout to complete your payment.

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sponsor Sponsorship Opportunities

We have so many ways for you to get involved with the lives of the Roma in Romania! For more information on the different sponsorships available and to begin your sponsorship journey please click below: 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor Testimonies

Sponsor Testimony 1

Sponsoring Alex has been one of the most fulfilling things in my life. After meeting him, and falling in love with him, being able to be a part of his life even when I cannot physically be with him is not only comforting to me but awing to me that God would choose to use something so simple to do such amazing things.

As a sponsor who has been fortunate to be able to spend time with Alex over the last five summers, I can say that I think the consistency of sponsoring Alex has primed both of our hearts to be bound together and I cannot tell you what a joy it is to be able to have my heart bound with Alex. Over the years I have been his sponsor, I have been able to see (from the other side of the world) God changing a life and a heart to look even more like him.

Alex has learned so do so many things over the last five years all through the faithfulness of his sponsors, and the people at the Isaiah Center - all of whom God brought together to be the catalyst for change in the life of His precious son, Alex.

Sponsoring these children is definitely one of those things that end up returning blessings in the hundred folds - God is doing a mighty work here!

Sarah, USA

Sponsor Testimony 2

I must have met Mariana 5 years ago. She had just entered the program. Out of all the kids there my heart was drawn to this one child. She was drawn to me. We played blew bubbles and God began something that day. The next year I was able to come back and Mariana stayed on my heart, because God had placed here there.

The next year I was able to come back and make a short visit I remember hugging her and crying. I met her Mother and family saw where she lived. I saw her Mother cry with such a tender heart in the presence of Jesus. Last year I was able to have my whole trip focused in Tinca and not split. I stayed in the village and saw the appreciation of these families for what FMN and Rachel has done through this ministry for them. Hearts are being changed, bondage's broken, parents are learning Godly parenting and to resist the old ways as long as possible of marrying their children off so young. Families are being fed, clothed, and provided with ways to be more self sufficient all through the sponsorship process of a child.

I am about to begin my second year of partnership with FMN and could not be more excited. You are sowing into the lives of people that will cause change and raise up a new generation of hope in Romania for change. I am going back soon for my 6th trip to Romania.

Go, taste and see that the land is good, get your church to partner with FMN and make an eternal difference in the life of not just a child, but a family and a village!

Sherri, USA

Sponsor Testimony 3

The second I noticed his picture in the Seeds of Hope Program I knew that he was ours. It was so strange to see the picture of a child that I have never met and know that he belongs to our family. I was not even looking or thinking about another child to sponsor, I was just being nosey looking at your website. Haha! I was being nosey and The Lord gave us a precious baby. God is so good. Of course, nothing is random when Jesus is involved.

Thank you so much for what you do because if you didn't do what you do, Alex and Abel would never really have a chance to know the love of The Lord and also be the great loves of our lives. Thank you again! I feel that my life would be meaningless without The Lord and my family, including my two little Roma boys Abel and Alex. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I love you so much! Please hug my boys tonight and tell them I love them so much it hurts and makes me cry tears of joy. Please tell them how much our family, church, and most of all Jesus love them.

You all are always in my prayers and thoughts. Sometimes I cry because I am so afraid that my dogs live better lives than my boys and it makes me so sick to my stomach that I can barely stand it. I want the best for them

Kim, USA

Sponsor Testimony 4

It's hard to sum up Forget Me Not Ministries in a few words. FMN is a blossoming ministry, and it continues to be a light to the Roma families it serves. FMN is founded on principles of self-efficacy, independence, self-worth, female empowerment, cultural competency and acceptance, in conjunction with the power of a God who makes "beautiful things out of dust."

Sponsoring a child or supporting the worker's program means that you are giving a disadvantaged family an opportunity to start over... to learn a new provide for their children for the first time... and to discover that not only are they worthwhile, but they are LOVED.

FMN has and will continue to grow and expand their influence over the far reaches of Romania to the outcasted and the unwanted. I can tell you from personal experience that FMN is CHANGING LIVES, revolutionizing a generation. I am so grateful to Rachel, for her clear vision and for her endless amounts of energy for the Roma people in Tinca, Romania.

I am grateful to play such a small role in supporting the work of Forget Me Not Ministries, as it is truly Kingdom work with ethics grounded in social justice and compassion. Mulțumesc (THANK YOU!) to FMN for their constant work and dedication!

Lynette, USA

Sponsor Testimony 5

Thirty dollars a month is such a small amount, how could I not make this very small sacrifice to help the Forget Me Not Ministry. I think of the sacrifices that people like Rachel are making and if they can dedicate their life to making a difference in these children's lives, I can make this small contribution.

God bless everyone involved in this ministry.

Bonnie, USA

Sponsor Testimony 6

As I read Rachel's testimony about the Romanian children, I thought to myself, this is one of the reason's God moved us here...Rachel, having been from this area, the love she has for this specific group of children, and the fact that God has opened up the door for my family to sponsor a Romanian child was no coincidence to me.

I approached my husband with the idea that this ministry is one that we have been called to and as I sat there talking with him, I wept, knowing that God had opened a door that he planted the seeds in my heart for when I was just a girl. As we sat there reading the stories of all of the little children Rachel and the ministry care for it was difficult to only pick one child to sponsor. Naomi is the little one we have asked to care for and I hope that some day we will get to meet her, Rachel, and all of the families this ministry is serving. Until then, we have Naomi's picture in a frame, sitting in our living room, so that we might see her every day and be reminded of those who are less fortunate than us, and pray that our gifts might make an eternal impact on her life and the life of her community.

What a blessing it is to see a little seed that God planted, oh so many years ago, come to fruition. I had no idea that a childhood longing would come to light in this way, in this time...God is good, ALL the time and we are so blessed to be able to care for Naomi and her family.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve Him.

Missy, USA